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Thanks for visiting us! I'm Audra Meng, designer of the Scootababy carrier, and cofounder of Scootababy LLC with my husband, Jack.

My path to babywearing began four years ago when our son Ramsey was born. What a “spirited” child! (Translation: he cried. A lot.) I quickly realized that carrying him was the best way to soothe him and save my sanity. His favorite pastime was being carried while walking through someplace with lots of interesting things to look at. I also quickly realized that my arms would give out if I had to carry him in arms everywhere. This was when I found baby carriers. Using a carrier and “wearing” my baby changed my life! Slings and frontpacks allowed us to stay close to our baby and keep our active lifestyle. We could go anywhere and do things we enjoyed, like traveling overseas, or just hiking and walking around town, without having to lug a clunky stroller or “bucket” (not that he would sit in them anyway!). Baby is happy, and I can be hands-free… what a concept! Since then I've become a passionate advocate of babywearing.

Slings, pouches, frontpacks, backpacks, mei tais, wraps… I've tried and appreciated them all! But none of these carriers did what I wanted most – to carry my baby in the most natural position (straddling the hip), in comfort, convenience, and style. I didn't want to fuss with anything that needed a lot of adjusting to put on and readjusting to get baby in or out. Comfort was also key – I needed something that would distribute my baby's weight over more than just the shoulders (this became even more important as my baby got older and heavier).

It was a challenge that I was determined to solve. (Before my stay-at-home-mom days, I spent way too much time getting a Ph.D. in bioengineering from UC Berkeley… I'd like to think all that training was good for something!) After many complicated prototypes, I realized that simplicity is best. Instinctively most adults hold an older baby in their arms using the familiar “hip straddle”: Baby sitting on your hip, arms and legs wrapped around you, and your arm under baby's bottom. It gets the baby very close to your center of gravity (comfortable!), and lets you interact with the baby face to face. Babies love it! Parents love it too… until their arms give out. The solution was to make the hip carry as comfortable and convenient as possible. I spent months designing and testing – Jack gamely tried them all. When Jack's eyes finally lit up, the Scootababy was born!

We think the Scootababy is the most comfortable carrier on the market that replicates the way you would naturally carry your child. It's been thoroughly tested by real parents and babies of all ages. It's especially useful for distributing the weight of older babies. It's super easy to use. Our second baby, Kepler (a.k.a. Scootababy research department staff), loves it! Thankfully he wasn't as colicky as his big brother was… but we found the Scootababy indispensable for keeping Kepler close while chasing Ramsey around the playground. I hope you and your child will also enjoy the freedom, closeness, and comfort of the Scootababy carrier. Happy babywearing!

— Audra

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