Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my baby need to be to use the Scootababy?

Your baby must be able to hold his or her head up independently. When your baby reaches a certain age (typically sometime between 4 to 6 months), it becomes natural to carry baby on your side, straddling your hip… this is the perfect age to begin using the Scootababy.

Is there a weight limit for the baby?

The Scootababy can be safely used for babies up to 37 lbs. You can get years of use from it – baby isn't going to outgrow it in six months!

Can it be used on either the right or left side of the wearer?

Absolutely. Our carrier is designed to be worn on either side with ease. All you need to do is position the seat where you'd like baby to sit. The shoulder straps function exactly the same on front and back. The exterior twill side of the seat will always face outward, and the interior quilted lining will always be in contact with the baby – there is no need to change anything about the carrier to switch sides.

Is it possible to nurse my baby while using the Scootababy?

It's simple and discreet for babies to nurse while in the carrier. Check out the nursing pictures in our slideshow. It helps to position the seat in front, rather than the side, for nursing.

What sizes of wearer will it accommodate?

The Scootababy is adjustable to fit adults with waist size from approximately 24 inches up to 50 inches (removing the sliding waist pad can accomodate waist sizes down to 19 inches). If the waist belt length does not fit you, we want to hear about it. Send mail to .

What materials are used in the Scootababy?

We use only the best quality materials in the construction of the Scootababy, and refuse to compromise. We buy from U.S. suppliers, and our carriers are made in the U.S. to exact specifications. We use 100% cotton chino twill for the shell and trim. Our shoulder panel is made exclusively from Polartec® fleece – the Polartec® Wind Pro® performance fleece is anti-pill and stain-resistant. Our microfiber lining fabric is custom-quilted for us.

Is the Scootababy washable?

Yes. To keep your Scootababy looking new longer, we recommend that regular care be limited to spot cleaning with a damp cloth. Machine wash only if necessary. Use mild detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softener. Machine wash separately in cold water, gentle cycle. Air dry flat for best results. Do not iron fleece.

Do I ever need to detach the shoulder straps from the Scootababy adjuster buckles?

You shouldn't need to detach the shoulder straps in the course of normal use. The straps are designed to be long enough that you should be able to loosen it and pull over your head. It's not necessary to detach the shoulder straps before washing, but it may help prevent excessive twisting in the wash – please make sure you thread the shoulder straps back onto the Scootababy strap adjusters correctly (see below for details).

How do I reattach the fleece shoulder panel?

Please notice that the fleece shoulder fabric is cut to be longer on one side than the other. This is specially designed to fit the adult's shoulder better. The shorter side goes on the top, near the adult's neck… and the longer side goes on the bottom, around the adult's arm. The shoulder strap should be threaded starting below the strap adjuster, over the sliding bar, and back underneath the tab with the Scootababy imprint.

It's not feeling comfortable, what should I do?

We think the Scootababy is the most comfortable side carrier on the market. You may need to experiment to find what works best for you. The padded waist belt can be worn higher on the waist, or lower on the hips depending on how you prefer the weight to be distributed. Make sure that your baby is seated as deeply as possible, and centered in the seat – if baby is sitting or leaning off to one side, it can be less comfortable for you and baby. The fleece shoulder panel is most comfortable and secure when worn over the ball of your shoulder – just pull the outer portion of the fleece panel down over your shoulder (it's okay if you prefer to wear it on top of your shoulder instead… fleece won't dig into your neck!).

Once baby is seated in the carrier, tighten the shoulder straps to take out all the slack. It's very important to have the shoulder straps snug to hold your baby securely. Also, pulling baby closer to your body will help keep the weight closer to your center of gravity. Finally, check that the midpoint of the fleece panel is at your shoulder – you may need to adjust the shoulder strap lengths in order to shift the fleece panel more toward your front or back. If you've tried all of these and it still doesn't feel good, please email us at and we'll try to help!

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