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How to Use

The Scootababy carrier was designed to be quick and easy to use — here's how it works.

(The shoulder straps are not intended to be detached from the Scootababy strap adjusters. Straps should remain attached to the fleece shoulder panel.)

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Steps 1 to 3
Place baby seat in desired position over the right or left hip. Buckle waist belt and tighten securely around waist. The small sliding pad can be placed on the opposite hip for comfort. Adjust the shoulder strap lengths. It's easiest to tighten the strap in back to the final desired length, and loosen the strap in front... so only the front strap needs to be adjusted while baby is in the carrier. Position baby squarely over the seat and hold baby with arm on same side.
Steps 4 to 6
Pull the seat up behind baby's back and make sure baby is seated deeply. Hold the fleece panel with your opposite hand and pull the loop over your arm, the baby, and your own head. Position the fleece panel so that it lays flat and cups your shoulder. Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling the ends downward to take out the slack and hold baby snug. You may need to adjust the strap lengths to center the fleece over your shoulder for comfort.

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The Scootababy carrier is very safe when used properly. Please read the usage instructions above and follow these safety guidelines:

  • Use common sense and be aware of your child's safety at all times.
  • Do not use this carrier before baby is able to hold his or her head up independently (typically around 5 months).
  • WARNING: Small children can fall through a leg opening. Follow instructions for proper use.
  • Only use this carrier for children between 12 lb and 37 lb (5.5 kg–17 kg).
  • Child must face toward you – this carrier is not intended for use with child facing out.
  • Always check that waist belt is securely fastened around adult's body, and baby is correctly positioned facing adult with legs straddling the seat. Fleece shoulder panel should be properly positioned, and shoulder straps must be tightened to hold baby securely.
  • The Scootababy carrier is designed to be sturdy, but is subject to normal wear over time. Always inspect the carrier for signs of wear or damage before each use. Do not use the carrier if it looks frayed or if any seams are coming apart.
  • WARNING: Young babies can suffocate if the baby's chin is pressed against his or her chest, blocking airflow. Always check to make sure your baby is breathing regularly.
  • This carrier is not intended for use while pregnant. If pregnant, please consult your doctor before use.
  • Your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and that of your child.
  • Take care when bending or leaning forward.
  • This carrier is not suitable for use during sporting activities.
  • Do not leave child unattended in the carrier.
  • If your child does not wish to be held in the carrier, please take your child out and try again later to prevent potential accidents.

The Scootababy carrier conforms to European safety standard BS EN 13209-2:2005

Alternate methods

Putting baby in

  1. Buckle waist belt securely around waist, placing baby seat in desired position over the right or left hip.
  2. Loosen the shoulder straps as necessary. Pull the loop over your arm and head, positioning the fleece panel so that it lays flat and cups your shoulder.
  3. Lift baby up and place baby into the seat by holding baby with one hand and using the other hand to guide baby's legs through the openings. Make sure baby is seated securely with the carrier pulled all the way up behind baby's back.
  4. Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling the ends downward.

Taking baby out

  1. Loosen the strap in front of your chest by lifting up on the rounded tab of the Scootababy buckle.
  2. Pull the loop over your head and over the baby, while holding onto baby, to completely release the carrier.

Taking baby out – younger babies

  1. Loosen the strap in front of your chest by lifting up on the rounded tab of the Scootababy buckle.
  2. Lift baby out from the top of the carrier. (This works best with smaller babies.)

Taking baby out – older babies

  1. Undo the side-release buckle on the waist belt, while holding onto baby with one arm.
  2. Lower baby out from underneath the carrier. (This method is great for toddlers.)