Letters from Customers

I've tried three other baby carriers and I was about to give up when I discovered the Scootababy. I love, love, love it. The hip is the best place for me to carry my baby. With the baby on the front, I just couldn't use my arms to do much – I couldn't reach around. I just love that I can have her on my hip AND be hands free! Thank you.

I am getting so many compliments – both on the design on the outside and how comfy my baby looks in. Yesterday, someone said, "you're holding her just the way a baby wants to be held." And I'm so appreciating how so, so easy to put on – unlike anything else. I find I'm using it for short trips – like when I take my kids into daycare. I throw her in the carrier just to get in the door and get them dropped off.

West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Hi Audra,

I received it in the mail over the weekend and have been wearing it much of the past 3 days. I LOVE it. I am posting a blog post about it tomorrow at www.beyondprenatals.com

Seriously, thank you for creating such an awesome carrier!


Susie Susie and Tom


Hi Scootababy,

I have been using your carrier for a few months now and my son Sam and I love it. It even works well with us both in our puffy winter snowsuits. I find the front carry best for long walks with the dog and the hip carry perfect around the house and for quick errands to stores. I love how quick and easy it is to put on and how content Sam is when he is being carried in it. I have attached a picture so you can see how it handles a cold Canadian winter!


P.S. Picture is of Sam-9 months and I out and about in Ottawa, Canada.

I got my Scootababy today and LOVE it! I have tried many, many baby carriers and this is the simplest, most comfortable and most perfect one yet. My baby and I are very happy with the quality and comfort of your product! Kudos to you! The only thing I would suggest is some more chic designs. Love it though, and thank you!


Hi! I just wanted to let you know I just ordered my Scootababy from HeavenlyHold.com. I found out about the Scootababy from Beth M. in Peoria, IL, who runs the Babywearing Road Show. She let me try it out for a few days and I fell in love! I will definitely be telling everyone about my Scootababy when I get it in the mail.


Scootababy Scootababy

Hi, Audra! I'm a Sunnyvale mom who loves her Scootababy! We bought ours a year ago and it has become indispensable. Here are some photos of my husband, George, scoota-ing our 16-month-old son, Leland, at the March of Dimes March for Babies on April 25 in Vasona Park. We carried him the entire 10k and had a great time. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful baby carrier.

Candice, George & Leland
Sunnyvale, California


i am a babywearing FUHREAK.. and i contacted you about your carrier prior to ordering it. wow i am so glad i ordered it! as an ergo lover, i wasn't sure that i would ever want a different carrier. well that was until my 11mo always wanted to eat goldfish crackers that her 3yo brother was feeding to her! and in the ergo, it just makes a big mess. and while i love ergo, i am not into the idea of having to completely redo the straps and all in order to have a hip carry. my daughter is sooooooooo happy in the scootababy (although she is happy in any carrier to be honest!). more important - i love carrying her in it!

i was doing a hip carry in a pouch sling and my back was killing me because of the lack of support around the waist/hips. this is possibly the most comfortable carrier i have ever used! and i was VERY easily able to slide her onto my back when i needed to help my son at a public rest room. my daughter does not like being on the front of me when i bend over forward to help him. however, she does not mind being on my back for that sort of thing!

now i just have to get my husband to use it so that we can retire the bjorn. he saw me use it and was surprised how easy it looked. bjorn certainly requires many adjustments, so he seemed thrilled at the notion of just a few clicks and a little tightening.


My husband and I are in love with your carrier. We've been wearing our 7 month old since he was a tiny little thing, in every kind of carrier you can imagine and the Scootababy is by far my favorite. It's not only the most comfortable carrier we own, but I feel so much closer to him when I wear him this way. He loves to be in there where he can see everything, but he's still right by my heart and feels secure. I love to see him taking in the world in that quiet way. And I can do a lot more in the city having one hand totally free. So thank you for your sensitive design work. We really appreciate it!

Very best wishes,


Pictures from BudaƑrs Baby Carrier Club in Hungary

Scootababy Scootababy
Scootababy Scootababy Scootababy

I got my Scootababy in the mail today and have been wearing my little Nina while doing chores and homeschooling my other kids! It is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for creating this wonder baby wearing device. I will be sporting it around DisneyWorld next month.

Thanks again!

Social Circle, Georgia

Jasen and Bianca

Jasen and Bianca
Bishops Stortford, England

(visiting Neptune's Cave in Alghero, Sardinia)

I ordered a Scootababy a few days ago and it is here already – SUPER FAST!!!

I couldn't wait to try it and ripped open the box as fast as I could. Just as quickly I had it on and popped baby in it. It is that easy to use. I just wore it for a half an hour and both baby and I love it!!! It is so comfy and really supportive! I didn't feel baby's weight (23 pounds) at all.

I am ring sling challenged and I have been really wanting a hip carrier and boy am I thrilled with the Scootababy!!!! If you have been on the fence go for it! I'm so glad I did!!! I really think the Scootababy is going to be our "go to" carrier for dog walking and errands.

We LOVE our Scootababy!

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


Thank you for such a great carrier!

Independence, Kentucky


*Love* your carrier!! Thank you so much for creating such a great design! I recently decided that I wanted to do a hip carry with a carrier, and I tried others that were either too clunky for hip or had a strap that kept digging into my neck. You totally solved that problem with your fleece shoulder strap. Really nice.

San Francisco, California


We love our Scootababy!! It is very easy to put on and adjust. The fleece cups the shoulder really well and does a nice job of staying in place. I think the thing I like the best is the body shape...it's got the perfect butt contour to it. It's nice to have a hip carrier option that really does its job so well that both my husband and I can use!!

Trish, Neil & Emily
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I love my Scootababy. I have tried a great many carriers of various types but this is the first hip carrier that ever appealed to me so I went ahead and bought it as soon as it was released and I have used it daily since.

I love the interactive nature of hip carries with my babies but have also found them limited due to finding one shoulder carries a bit uncomfortable after a while. Until I found the Scootababy, the best hip carries for me were with a long wrap or double layer silk ring sling – both very supportive options, but for comfort, support and ease of use the Scootababy wins over both of those. I have quite a sensitive shoulder but find the fleece shoulder really comfortable and easy to adjust. The padded waist is ergonomically designed and fits snuggly without causing the discomfort I feel with many SSC waists. I love the fact that there is no webbing digging like most SSCs, but at the same time the weight is really well distributed with just the right amount on the hips.

I mainly use mine for awake time at home or on quick trips out and still tend to use two shoulder carriers for naps or longer carries, but have used the Scootababy successfully for these. With a 3 year old running around, my little crawling, climbing 8 month old often needs scooping up to keep him safe or settled and for this the Scootababy is great. I also use it a lot for mealtimes as he is much too active to eat in a highchair – he does not know the meaning of the word 'sit', but if I pop him in the Scootababy with a towel over the strap to catch the spilt food he immediately calms and I find the hip carry a great position for him to eat in.

I know this carrier will be with me until I stop babywearing as it is comfortable, practical and in my opinion, highly innovative and something the market has been waiting for – congratulations to Audra!

Cambridge, UK

The Scootababy arrived in perfect time for our vacation, and we used it a lot! Both my husband and I find it to be very comfortable and incredibly useful with our toddler. We love and use it almost daily! Honestly have to say I am so very impressed with the overall quality of the carrier.

Thank you again for all of your help, and for such a wonderful, incredibly useful product. I forget what life was like before I had such an easy way to carry my toddler!

Rainham, UK

I used the carrier twice today, once for a last minute "Halloween" Wal-Mart trip, & then to the park to chase my 3 1/2 year old around. I L-O-V-E it! This is by far my favorite of all the carriers I've used (& I have tried a lot!)

I love that it looks "mainstream", the quality seems awesome, and...it's SO EASY! I wish I would've found you sooner!!!!! Thanks again for getting it to me so quickly & for the great customer service :-)


Just wanted to tell you that I used it again last night for Trick or Treating & it was GREAT. The more I use it the more I love it!

Chesterfield, Missouri

I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for such prompt delivery on my baby carrier, it must of been only a few working days. So quick considering it came from overseas. I have washed the carrier and used it a few times and it feels so comfortable. I have one of the popular frontpacks and although it is great for smaller babies my daughter is over 8kg and kills my back after 5min of her in it. I even recommended it to a friend as it seems better than the hip carrier advertised in Australia and works out to a similar price.

Thanks heaps,

Werribee, Victoria, Australia


I've been meaning to write for a while to tell you how much I enjoy my Scootababy. It's very comfy and the best hip carrier I have tried (and I should know as I own over 10 slings...). I use it a lot with my son Sebastien who has just turned 2. I thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of us in it.

One of the things about your sling is that it appeals to hard core slingers like me, but it also has mainstream appeal because of its streamlined looks and ease of use. It's so much better ergonomically for baby and parents than the ubiquitous frontpacks.

Cambridge, UK

My Scootababy arrived in just one business day (ordered Friday, here Monday)! I was so excited that I immediately put it on and walked to the grocery store with my 8-month-old and 5-year-old boys.

The fit is so comfortable for both my baby and me. I love the fleece shoulder! It's so comfortable and I can adjust it any way I want!

I do not normally babywear, because my son is far more interested in crawling and cruising than in being held. Today, however, he is sick and he cries inconsolably when I put him down. The only way to comfort him is to carry him constantly, snuggled up against my chest. My Scootababy does the trick! I can make sandwiches, write a grocery list, do the dishes, and even type this e-mail, all while giving my little one the comfort he needs.

I am so glad I took the chance and invested in my Scootababy!

Phoenix, Arizona


My husband and I are loving the Scootababy, it's so easy to use, and very comfy. We also appreciate that despite our foot difference in height, we don't have to make adjustments when we switch back and forth. Our 10 month old son Isaiah is a big fan, and I don't think he's ever once been upset while riding in it! My only suggestion is to have a small pouch or pocket for keys, cellphone, as it's hard to access your pockets while wearing the carrier.

We ordered it online, but hope to see it in Toronto stores sometime. Here's a picture of us enjoying it!


Toronto, Canada

Dear Scootababy,

I just purchased the Scootababy Hip Carrier (from Parentingbynature.com) and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!

I have four, yes four, other slings (meaning hundreds of dollars spent) and each one has its issues: the front carrier hurts my back because it lacks lumbar support, the ring sling puts too much pressure on my neck / shoulder, the back carrier is nice but too cumbersome to use and the wrap is great but also too complicated and cumbersome to use in when out and about.

Based on my experiences I was hesitant to purchase yet another carrier but I thought I'd give the Scootababy a try. As soon as I took it out of the package I knew the product was of excellent quality: durable fabric, strong stitching, plenty of padding, and a beautiful design. So I took it for a test drive with my 9 month old, 20 lb daughter. It was very fast and easy to get her in the carrier and to adjust the straps. And it was incredibly comfortable. With other carriers I could carry her for 30 minutes, maximum. With the Scootababy we walked for an hour and we could have kept going! The hip strap, the pad for the other hip, the stretchy shoulder support, the easy to adjust straps, the beautiful design...phew, you've thought about it all!!!

So again, thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful product. Just wish I bought it months ago!

All the best,

Toronto, Canada